The Explanation

I was an usher at the Culture Lab in the Cultch Theatre April 17th 2017. The Play was an interesting one. In The Explanation (with Kevin MacDonald and Evan Frayne), two men who keep insisting they’re straight start to feel an unexpected attraction. After taking the tickets and welcoming everyone in I sit down the watch the play. The show starts, with a man standing on stage alone, who’s wearing a miniskirt and a wig. He looks at the audience for a long time and then says: “I’m a man. I’m straight. I just like to dress this way.” He’s one of two males in the play who are keep insisting they’re straight, while talking about their growing relationship. But they also seem to be forming a warmer and warmer bond, meeting at the downtown library one day, later going for coffee, and eventually heading out to a club on Davie Street.

I really enjoyed the play and there were many laughs during the show from everyone. I really saw myself in my own struggles many times during the show as well. One of the better thoughtful LGBTQ shows I’ve seen in Vancouver

Vancouver Mens Chorus New Westminster Drag Show

My friend Steve asked me if I would be interested in helping out this night of the Vancouver Mens Chorus New Westminster Drag Show. Of course I was so happy to but was only able to do Sat. night In New West. as I was leaving in a few days for my trip to Thailand. I was asked to be an usher which I did for about an hour welcoming guests then they asked me if I would be able to run the spotlight on the performers. Having never done anything like that before I was a little nervous but so excited for the new experience. Working on a script with the lighting manager I ran the spotlight on 22 wonderful and beautiful performers who actually sang, not lip synced their performances. It was an amazing night and made me so happy, I hope to be asked to do something like this again.