I ushered, FOH, this play at the Fredric Woods Theatre at UBC On Saturday 26th January 2018 twice, I did the Matinee performance and then again the evening performance. I arrived early at UBC in the morning, walked around as its so beautiful at this campus I just like to walk around, had a coffee and then made my way to the theatre.


This was such an amazing play. What was very different from many other shows I have attended and worked at was that this was an ASL integrated performance. One character Horatio is Deaf and only signed throughout the show. Not only did she sign her lines but interpreted for all the other characters as well. All the Characters signed at various points throughout the show and sometimes their was voice only or asl only. It was amazing to see.

I was so impressed with the simple stage and loved the dirt being used and the lighting was especially fantastic.
As I was there for both performances this day I got to enjoy it twice.

Several rows in the centre of the audience section was set aside for Deaf and Hard Of Hearing patrons so they had a good site line. A lot of users were available for these performances and included ushers who were also ASL interpreters and others who knew some ASl including myself who is learning and know a little bit. For the first time at a show I was able to engage a bit with some Deaf patrons in the Lobby prior to, during intermission and after the show. I really enjoyed that and it propels me to continue my ASL studies.

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